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Awardees 2011

Dr D.L.N. Murthy Rao Oration Award

Dr S K Chaturvedi (NIMHANS)


Tilak Venkoba Rao Oration Award

Naren P Rao (NIMHANS)

Pathogenetic & therapeutic perspectives on neurocognitive models in psychiatry; a synthesis of behavioral, brain imaging and biological studies


Bhagwat Award

Rishikesh V Behere (NIMHANS) 

Dorsolateral prefrontal lobe volume & neurological soft signs as predictors of clinical, social &functional outcome in schizophrenia; a longitudinal study


PPA -I Award

Shubangi Parker, Balkrishna, Nagarsekar, Mitchell G Weiss (Mumbai)

Explaining suicide in an urban slum of Mumbai, India; a socio-cultural autopsy


PPA- II Award

G. Venkata Suramanian (NIMHANS)

Neuroanatomical correlates of psychopathology in antipsychotic naive schizophrenia


Marfatia Award

Indu PV, Ramadevi, Vidhu Kumar, Anil Kumar Subhan (Trivandrum)

Development & validation of the domestic violence questionnaire in married women aged 18-55 yrs


Bombay Psychiatric Society Silver Jubilee Award

Avinash Sharma, Daya Ram, Mohammad Ziaul Haq Katshu (East Zone – Ranchi)

Effect of clozapine on spontaneous gamma activity in schizophrenia: A prospective Study


Young Psychiatrist Award

Naren P Rao (NIMHANS)

Awardees 2010

1. DLN Murthy Rao Oration Award - Dr Ajit Kumar Avasthi, Chandigarh
2. Marfatia Award - Dr T S Sathyanarayan Rao, Mysore
3. Tilak Vencoba Rao Memorial Oration - Dr Sandeep Grover, Chandigarh
4. Bhagwat Award - Dr Naren P Rao, Bangalore
5. Col. Kripal Singh Award - Lt. Col Dr Rajiv Saini, Pathonol
6. Bombay Psychiatric Society Award - Dr Arvind Nongpiur, Ranchi
7. Poona Psychiatric Association Award I - Dr Jagdish Thirthalli, Bangalore
(Prospective comparison of course of disability in anti-psychotic treated & untreated schizophrenia patients)
8. Poona Psychiatric Association Award II - Dr Gurvindar Pal Singh, Chandigarh
(A double blind comparative study of clinical efficacy of verapamil versus lithium in acute mania.)
9. Young Psychiatrist Award - Dr Khyati Mehtalia, Ahmadabad 

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