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Rules for young Psychiatrists award of Indian Psychiatric Society
Eligibility Criteria:
  • Must be a member of IPS at the time of applying for the award.
  • Must be working in India at the time of applying and making the scientific presentation for the award.
  • Must be less than 35 years of age by the last date of submitting the application.
  • A candidate can win this award only once in lifetime.
1. The applicant will be required to submit the curriculum vitae outlining the following information:
  • Qualifications, Present position and affiliations
  • Additional qualifications, if any
  • Publications in indexed and nonindexed journals to be indicated separately with full citation (do not include publications which are published only as abstracts)
  • Books and book chapters
  • Details of conferences attended
  • Presentations in National and International Conferences
  • Awards received from scientific societies, academic institutes etc
  • Other research activities
2. Contribution to service and development of psychiatry in India
3. Contribution to Indian Psychiatric Society
4. Any other achievements
5. A structured abstract, not exceeding 250 words of a scientific presentation based on the original research carried out by the candidate.
How will the award be adjudicated?
A panel of 3 judges will shortlist 3-5 candidates on the basis of information provided by the candidates. The short listed candidates will be required to make their presentation based on the submitted abstract during the National Conference. The presentation will be evaluated by another set of 3 judges.
A candidate has to score atleast 50% marks to win the award.
Distribution of marks:
  • 50 marks for the curriculum vitae
  • 20 marks for the abstract submitted
  • 30 marks for the presentation:
  • Scientific content including methdology, analysis, results and implications of the research- 15 marks
  • Clarity, style and compactness of presentation, use of audiovisual techniques-10 marks
  • Response to points raised in discussion-5 marks
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