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The Tilak Venkoba Rao Oration Award

This oration award has been instituted out of an endowment received from Dr. A. Venkoba Rao, a past-president of the society, in the memory of his son Mr. Tilak Venkoba Rao. This oration should be on any aspect of mental health and will be delivered at each annual conference of the Indian Psychiatric Society.



The oration award will be declared one year in advance at every annual conference of the society.

Any Life Fellow of the society can propose the name of any other member of the society, who is not over 40 years of age on 30th September of the year in which he is submitting his entry. If that conference is not held in that year, the date of reckoning the age shall remain the same. Six copies of the proposal and six copies of the bio-data of the nominee must be submitted to the Chairperson, Awards Committee. The proposal shall include the proposed titles and an outline of the oration and details of the nominee’s work in that topic which will also be taken into account in assessing the nomination. The proposal must be accompanied by a written consent of the nominee and certificate of his age as recorded in the school leaving certificate or equivalent records.

A panel of judges shall rate the nomination. The nomination securing the highest total marks (out of 100) shall win the award, subject to ratification by the awards committee and the nominations shall be re-assessed by another panel of judges. To win an award not less than 50% of the full marks must be obtained by a nominee.


The oration paper will become the property of the Indian Psychiatric Society and shall be published in the Indian Journal of Psychiatry with the necessary editorial corrections. The speaker will pass on the oration paper to the Editor, Indian Journal of Psychiatry, as soon after the annual conference as possible for its publication in the journal.


The speaker will be paid a lump sum for the oration. He will also be awarded a suitable scroll.


No person shall win this award more than once.


The decision of the panel of judges as ratified by the awards committee and the executive council of the society shall be final and binding.

If in the opinion of the panel of judges, no contestant for an oration award scores 50% or above, there will be no oration award for that year.


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