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Col. Kirpal Singh Award for Military / Industrial Psychiatry

 This award has been instituted out of an endowment received form Col. Kripal Singh, a past president of the society exness. This award is given to the best paper in military psychiatry and/or industrial psychiatry presented at the annual conference of the society.

For any paper to be considered for the award, it shall be necessary for the author to submit six copies of the full paper to the Chairperson, Awards Committee by a date determined by the council of the IPS. For the sake of uniformity of style the paper shall be prepared in accordance with the “Instructions to contributors" published in the Indian Journal of Psychiatry. Six copies of the abstract of the paper (not more than 200 words) in six separate sheets shall be enclosed with the paper.

To be eligible for the award, the paper must fulfill each of the following criteria.

(a) It must be a research paper based on work done in India. It must not have been published in a scientific journal nor have been awarded any award of the IPS.

(b) The principal author and at least 50% of all authors must be members of the IPS at the time of the submission of the paper.

The assessment of the manuscript and the presented version will be as per guidelines in rule (6) common to all awards of the IPS.

All authors of the award winning paper shall be considered to have won the award and will be issued certificates and will be eligible for the award money. The money will be handed over to the principal author for disbursement among the co-authors exness th.

None of the judges appointed for this award, shall be contestants for this award. However, a judge is eligible to context for any other award.

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