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Rules and regulations pertaining to awards instituted by the Indian psychiatric society


(a) Formation of Panel of Judges:


The members of the panel judges must be prepared by Chairpersons of the Awards Committee in consultation with the President and Vice President and confidentiality should be maintained in this regard. The panel must have strength of three members for each award. There shall be no bar to the appointment of an individual to more than one panel of judges. The awards committee shall be at liberty to co-opt one or more members to the panel of judges during adjudication of the presented version of a paper. The committee shall be under no obligation to appoint the same person for both the written and presented version. None of the judges appointed to a panel to adjudicate an award shall be eligible to contest for the same award. However, a judge may compete for any other award. The chairman and members of the awards committee, besides the President & vice president, shall be debarred from contesting for or proposing the name of anyone for any award.


(b) Rules governing the method of assessment of entries for competition:


All the entries for an award received within the stipulated time, irrespective of their number, shall be assessed for the award. No paper shall be eligible to compete for the award where a member who have won that award for the immediately preceding year appear as an author or co-author. A paper or substantially the same paper cannot compete for more than one award in any particular conference. A paper or substantially the same paper which has already won an IPS award is debarred from competing for any award of the IPS. The principal author and at least 50% of all authors must be members of the society at the time of submission / publication of the paper or nomination, as the case may be, for the award. Members means Life Fellows or Life ordinary members only, unless specific membership status is mentioned for each award. A panel of judges shall rate the papers. There shall be 3 judges on each panel. Out of the total marks i.e. 100, 60 (60%) will be for preparation and compilation of the manuscript and 40 (40%) will be for its presentation during the conference. Subject to adjudication and confirmation by the awards committee and rectification by the executive council of the IPS, the paper securing the highest total marks (out of 100) shall win the award. In case of tie, the concerned papers will be declared joint winners and the money will be equally shared by them. In case no paper scores 50% or more marks, the awards committee may not declare any winner for the award for that particular year and conference. (Please see the rules for the relevant awards in cases where presentation at the conference is not a criterion).

The Assessment of the written manuscript will be on the following pattern.

Maximum Marks : 60 Max. Marks

  • Topic, title, its relevance and methodology -                                                       (12 marks)
  • Survey of literature, references, bibliography -                                                    (12 marks)
  • Presentation of results and discussion -                                                             (12 marks)
  • Conclusion and how far they are substantiated by the study. -                              (12 marks)
  • Clarity, Lucidity, precision of language and overall elegance of the paper. -            (12 marks)

The Assessment of Presentation.

a) Style, clarity, compactness of expression and presentation -                                      (10 marks )
b) Expression and Language-                                                                                    (10 Marks)
c) Use of visual aids (audio-visual techniques, if any) - (appropriateness, quality visibility, and
comprehensibility, novelty). -                                                                                     (10 Marks)

d) Response to points raised in discussion -                                                                 (10 marks)


In case of an oration award the nominations shall be assessed by a panel of judges appointed for the purpose. The person securing the highest marks shall be selected to receive the award, subject to ratification by the awards committee and the executive council and to deliver the oration provided that the marks secured by him is not less than 50% of the full marks which is 100. In case of a tie, the concerned nominations shall be re-assessed by another panel of judges.

If in the opinion of the panel of judges, no contestant for an oration award scores 50% or above, there will be no oration award for the relevant year.

The verdict of the panel of judges as adjudicated and ratified by the awards committee and the executive council of the society shall be final and binding.

Certain Modifications in the existing rules and regulations of various IPS Awards:


Presentation of selected awards will be by first author or any co-author who is a member of IPS and whose name is identified at the time of submission and not at the time of presentation.

Incomplete papers/incomplete forms will not be considered for any award and are likely to be rejected.

Once submitted, manuscript will not be returned.

Front page of manuscript should include title, authors name, place of work/institution and corresponding address, including telephone, fax, and e-mail.

Second page of paper may include only title of the papers so that anonymity can be maintained while reviewing the paper.

All the authors must sign the declaration that there is no copy right violation in the content of the paper.


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