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Task Forcesof Indian Psychiatric Society : 2011
Department Chairperson: Convener:

IPS Task Force on Advocacy :

Dr. N K  Bohra   Dr. Jagadish (Bangalore)

Mental Health Legislation :

Dr. Rakesh Chadda Dr. Rajesh Sagar

Constitution Reprint:

Dr. R R Ghosh Roy Dr. N N Raju

Public Interest Litigation:

Dr. Rajesh Nagpal Dr. Kuruvilla Thomas

IPS Headquarter:

Dr. Shiv Gautam Dr. Sandeep Vohra

Research and Training:

Dr. B N Gangadhar  Dr. V Ramachandran

Disaster Management:

Dr. Mustaq Margoob Dr. S K Tandon

Media and Mental Health:

Dr. R Raghuram Dr. P M  Madhavan

Non Pharmacological

Dr. Sudhir Khandelwal Dr. Vishal Indla Reddy

Young Psychiatrists’ Forum:

Dr. Sandeep Grover Dr. Anil Nischal
NMHP Implementation: Dr. C Ramasubramainam Dr.Suman Kumar Sinha
Clinic Software Development: Dr. N M Patil Dr. T Kumanan
CPD: Dr. Prabhat Sitholey Dr.Roop Sidana
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