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Committe Members of Indian Psychiatric Society : 2011
Department: Chairperson: Co-chairperson:  
Awards: Dr. R. Ponnudurai   Dr. Uday Chaudhuri
CME: Dr. M Suresh Kumar Dr. Varghese P. Punnoose
Ethics: Dr. J K Trivedi Dr. Lakshman S Dutt
Journal: Dr. T S S  Rao Dr. P N Shukla
International affairs: Dr. E Mohandas Dr. Anukant Mittal
Constitution: Dr. Sarvesh Chandra Dr. Joseph Vargheese
Conference: Dr. Tophan Pati Dr. O P Singh
Mental Hospitals: Dr. Sudhir Kumar Dr. G Bhagya Rao
Membership: Dr. M R Jhanwar Dr. D Ramanujam
Parliamentary: Dr. Shanti Nambi Dr. Harjeet Singh
Psychiatry Education: Dr. R C Jiloha Dr. K.S Shaji
Finance: Dr. Sunil Mittal Dr.Lalit Batra
IPS Publication: Dr. P B Behere Dr. P K Singh (Patna)
Social Security Scheme: Dr. A K Handigol Dr.V K Singh (Gaya)
Website: Dr. U Gauthamadas Dr.Mainak Mukherjee
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